Toori - November 2015

10 - November - 2015

Hi everybody!

This little girl is Toori and she will be for adoption next Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 19:00 (spanish time zone) (+ info in the Newsletter).
Includes: T-shirt &skirt with suspenders by Ronmielshop, stockings, hair lace, shoes, stock body, handpainted eyechips, ginger wig and eyelashes. Most part of her outfit can be seen in the 3rd pic in her gallery. The rest of the items are not included.
More pictures here. <---click
Toori is the 1st girl I made with Citadel. I work more slow with this product so I will need more time to start remaking the dolls affected by msc matt. Thank you!

María - Poison Girl

Macaron 2.0

23 - October - 2015

Hi everyone!

Macaron was kind enough to offer herself for one of my tests. Now she's a fresh new Macaron!
I wanted to improve her but keeping her essence, I hope you like her! ^_^


María - Poison Girl

Pia - October 2015

21 - October - 2015


Little Pia will be for adoption tomorrow Thursday, October 22 at 19:00 (spanish time zone) (+ info in the Newsletter).
More pictures here <---click

Outfit by Little Miércoles:


María - Poison Girl

Dal for Cakau *trade*

08 - September - 2015

Hi everyone!

Little Dal for Cakau *trade* ^_^
More photos in the gallery.


María - Poison Girl

Important announcement

20 - July - 2015

I decided to stop making customs because Mr.Super Clear is no longer reliable.
A while ago Mr.Hobby changed the famous MSC from "FLAT" to "MATT" but they didn't only change the labeling, they also changed the formula.
All the dolls I made with the old MSC FLAT remains perfect even after 6 years but the dolls I made with the new MSC MATT starts to crack after a while.

This can take 3 months or a year but the cracks starts to appear. Sometimes they are evident and sometimes you have to watch carefully under a direct light to see them but they are or will be there.
This is happening to a lot of awesome custom artists in the Pullip, Blythe and Bjd communities (and more each day) so I decided to talk to Mr.Hobby about this and they have confirmed to me the obvious: They changed the formula and it can't be used the same as before.

I'm looking for alternatives and making tests to other sealers but this can take a while...
When I find a sealer that works for me I will start making new dolls and remaking the ones that cracked.
If anyone knows about good alternatives to MSC that works and last  in plastic I'd appreciate the info.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to ask, especially customizers, that you get in touch with Mr.Hobby (you can change the language from japanese to english in their web and there is a form contact) about this. Personally I think it's a budgetary issue and they won't change it, but if they receive many complaints we may have a chance.

Finally I would like to thank my awesome customers and followers for their encouragement and support, specially now. THANK YOU!

María - Poison Girl

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